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Poster: billmoyer Date: May 12, 2004 11:25am
Forum: petabox Subject: Re: Virtual Disk Software?

The PetaBox is visible to the outside world as a collection of IP addresses, each corresponding to a homeserver or storage node. They respond to http, ftp, ssh, and rsync requests over TCP/IP to make their data available. The Internet Archive has web-based software which attempts to make this access more transparent at the top level, but as of yet this software is fairly specific to the Archive's application. There is other software which can be used more generically to map named data items to the storage nodes which contain them. The homeserver node can be used as the entry point to finding any named item on the cluster, using this software via common gateway interface.

If you are asking about the physical link layer, it is talking to the outside world via gigabit ethernet, over which IP packets are transmitted.

-- TTK

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Poster: mbuechler Date: May 12, 2004 11:37am
Forum: petabox Subject: Re: Virtual Disk Software?

I had high hopes that someone had finally come up with a usable Linux SCSI target solution. I am very interested in SCSI target support in Linux or BSD for use in a home-grown fibre SAN accessable storage arrays.

Thanks for your explanation.